Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bitcoins from site to wallet

I had showed you the easy way to get or earn bitcoins from different sites giving free bitcoins . Now i will show you  how much are the free bitcoins and its worth  in a day based only on the list of free bitcoin sites. This free bitcoins came from visiting the sites, putting your wallet address and captcha. These  sites does not need investment its a free Bitcoin / currency.  We only need to work out daily though it takes a lot of time to collect a considerable amount of bitcoins in a day but one days work will probabaly double or triple depending on the bitcoin exchange with other fiat currencies. It is still volatile after the Gox incident it remains to  be an up and down  dollar value $500 +/-.   Earning free bitcoins is not the same as earning "dollar" from a free  Paid to Click sites because dollars from PTC  would not be doubling or increasing  unlike bitcoin.  Bitcoin as a new technology, digital currency/ or platform still needs to be promoted, to be adopted and developed and used daily.  Remember bitcoin is fixed in number 21 million up to year 2100.  The strategy is raise a great the number of bitcoins and earn more with many different ways online or offline. 

I start earning bitcoins just visiting some sites but as i engaged with the bitcoin eco system more and more programs are coming out even with free bitcoin sites. So theres a lot opportunities to raise a lot of bitcoins and used these furtherly  raising bitcoins and currencies.

       From the list of Free bitcoin   sites " Land of bitcoins" had more
  ( Earnings from land of bitcoins could be derive thru automatic way and manual surfing

In my experience with automatic surfing i could raised about 3000 satoshis and this are cashout to the microwallet  then the microwallet to "blockchain " with 5825 satoshis ( combining the auto surf and manual earnings) minimum cash out so with this cashout x  currency exchange = value in currency of the bitcoin.   

Basing on the present bitcoin price of $622.00/bitcoin x $ 0.00005825 = $0.0362315

 Its not that much in terms of value so there is really a need to visit all of the sites within "land of bitcoin" and use other ways in earning bitcon. But whatever you earn , the more it would surely go up, because the more people using bitcoin the more its value goes up because the supply becomes limited.  

Estimatedly   $622.00  x  $0.00006875= $ 0.042765  ( earnings with total satoshis) 
There will be difference in the actual surfing , there are sites that you could surf after 30 minute, after 60 minutes , two hours , three hours, after a day or more.  There are also referral links for some sites and naturally you will be given  commisions.  There are also some sites that gives 1000 satoshis in just one visit so the computations are only estimates.

        List of faucet grouping within the land of bitcoin, this is were earnings are kept before being sent  to the blockchain 

   Different faucet sites belongs to micro wallet faucets, bitchest , coin box and PTC /GPT sites but all of the earnings here are kept with micro wallet, that sends the payment to the  block chain at a minimum of 5825 satoshis. 

HERE'S  the bitcoin flows to blockchain ;



NOTE:   To send earnings to block chain it had to reached the balance below. The total balance are earnings from automatic and manual surfing from the land of bitcoin faucets


The Image above are the payments sent by microwallet  bitchest and . Some sites are directly paying  to blockchain 

Showing you above the latest bitcoin balance at blockchain , this was only from land of bitcoin the other programs to later on will increase the balance with your support , join now the programs  from the land of bitcoins