Sunday, May 21, 2017

Updating my blogsite regarding bitcoins

As of this writing  bitcoin is now on its highest value with dollar  it had reached  $2052.00 .  I have started to be involve with bitcoin way long ago about 2014  when bitcoin value is only a few hundred dollars  gradually its getting higher every year  higher.  A lot of controversies also are being hurled with bitcoin. Now everybody wants to have their hands on the big pie.

I was also not heavily involved with bitcoins since i am with other programs like paid to click, revenue programs and i am only active when i am not working.  With the latest problem of stalled revenue sharing programs which are all losing  i think its high time to take care of the bitcoin business. Time lost  though i have a small amount of bitcoin in  my blockchain , i could easily make it grow more. 

The initial step is to update my sources of bitcoin , which are  Affordable,  Easier and Faster here is the link  ;

I also will update this blogsite to discuss mainly about bitcoin as you all know there are also others coins even you can created your own bitcoin name but it had to be popular like ;
 dogecoin , litecoin , ethereum, and more are joining the bandwagon of bitcoin. 

I also have the idea of giving important notes regarding bitcoin particularly for those new enthusiast with these phenomenal money internet money "bitcoin". 

So initially , what you have to do  is get your bitcoin wallet with its address  like  this  


You can get this by registering on blockchain , follow the instructions regarding registration and  keeping your wallet address  safe and secure . 

Then visit my blogsite and register with many faucets to start getting your bitcoins and earn. Check your blockchain for your bitcoins. 

Later i would share more faucets or other sources of  bitcoins there is still a lot of time to earn with bitcoins  its projected to reach  about $10,000 / bitcoin , do you like that , im sure you will 

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