Thursday, May 25, 2017

Checking again my former bitc generating sites

I see again that there were still a lot of  bitcoin generating sites that are still active today and they should be because the bitcoin value is really surging up high its  $2000 in value and  by the end of the week it will hit  $3000  , many are excited and are investing and buying bitcoins that is why it is going  up , for those who don't have  a lot of money just register here with FREE BITCOINS and your surely be having a lot by the year end and the following years.

Checking my latest bitcoin generating sites some are generating funds and probably cannot cope up with demands because every day and weeks the value are changing , if you registered on mine links just sms me here in comments if you have problems , there are lots of bitcoin generating sites that are free though i find it hard to surf all, later i will post investment sites no need to surf. 

Here are the sites that you could register and get free bitcoins !! GET IT NOW   ( faucet hub is a micro-wallet for bitcoins, lite coins and dogecoins . It also has faucets which it operates offers about 912 are active so far . It also offers to you to have your own faucet. It also have games and rewards you with bitcoins.  Your surely have a lot of coins.

FaucetHub is operated by Faucet Gaming Network, the owners of,, and among others.  



  ( the site can be downloaded on your phone or tablet and you can play with it everyday and gives your free bitcoins games are BITCOIN ALIENS,  ABUNDANCE FREEBITCOIN and BLOCKCHAIN GAME ) 

Have you checked out Bitmaker app? Sign upwith my code and we will each get 6,000 blocks when you try it . CODE OU4NLD ,

>E rotator  this is a rotator which means that you can get more bitcoins in one link. It is also a sub grouping of faucets where micro payments could be established before being paid or transferred to the blockchain wallet.  What is also good with this site is that you can include the faucet or site that you want to include with the list.  

It serves bitcoins , litecoins, dogecoins, dashcoins, monero faucets, peercoin faucets, primecoin faucets and ethereum faucets. 

( a site for getting downlines just register on site put your links promote and wait for your referrals ) 



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