Friday, May 12, 2017 is it a scam ?

BitMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software  is a mining site for bitcoin and it promised to earn you bitcoins of 0.15 per day and the affiliates earns you 50% ,  so this attracted me to register but not invest yet  because i am on the thinking that i have to try this site first and see what happens . 

The image above shows that for more than a month i already have a balance of  0.07  and actually i had  tried to  withdraw two times  but the admin says that i have to wait for a month . So i cancel my request for withdrawal  for two times.  But they are suggessting me to upgrade so it would be much faster to withdraw.  

But  at this moment when i feel that i have to withdraw my bitcoin , theres a new findings that they say  that i have two accounts which are free and i can only have one free account then the other have to be upgraded  so  i think  this site is  so close to scamming or  its really a scam.  I already encountered such a kind of scheme , where you put a certain amount of bitcoin and they will double it , this one is different in the sense that  its mining but if you search on mining you cannot earn that much  in a day for a bitcoin mining site. 

So sorry for the referrals that had registered on my links with this bitminer ,  just keep on reading my post and  bitcoin system had a lot for the future.  There are other sites that will give you free bitcoins if not invest and earn more. 

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