Friday, May 23, 2014

Easy Way to Earn Bitcoin

Easiest,  Fastest, Simplest , Affordable  Way to Earn Bitcoins 

There are a lot of ways to get or earn from bitcoins but the basic question is how easy is it, how fast, how simple and how affordable is it? The basic with all the methods is just buy bitcoins and stock it or wait for a more higher exchange for the bitcoin to dollar or other currencies then you will surely earn. Invest your bitcoin in some investment sites.

There were early adopters who became millionaires and had bought a lot of bitcoins but do you have that amount of money that they have. If you can afford then do it. But if not here's what is do able if you want to earn more from bitcoins. If dont want to earn, just use bitcoin for your needs of services and products.

For those who have just enough and who believes with the bitcoin system and who hopes to earn from bitcoin, then join me with the Easiest, Quickway and Affordable way to get and earn bitcoins.
 You need a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoins , do not store your bitcoins with exchanges or traders.  The recommended site for your  purse is Blockchain . If you want to have a wallet on your computer use Multibit .  You want other information about wallet visit  "What is bitcoin for me and its future ".

Visit  Sites that gives Free Bitcoins , just  enter your bitcoin wallet address and captcha , play game or follow the instructions or offers from the sites. There are no money involve with this sites,  they  gave you  "FREE BITCOINS ' and you can store it on your  blockchain or other wallet.  If you had enough  bitcoins you can exchange it to  other currencies or use it to purchase goods and services.

  LAND OF BITCOIN ;   It is a micro wallet site that comprise of faucets sites that gives free bitcoins.  Bitcoins range from 10 - 1000 satoshis ( satoshi is 0.000000001) bitcoin.  The number of free bitcoin sites are about  111 faucets and growing with about  7698  satoshis.  In my experience i earn about  0.00005825 or more bitcoins a day . The way to earn more is to refer others to the LAND OF BITCOIN.  There is an automatic feature and manual surfing of getting bitcoins.

Bitcoins every 30 minutes (The list below are a registered with microwallet which have a minimum amount to reached before paying blockchain )                             

Bitcoins every hour (60)  minutes 

Bitcoins to generate daily                                                                                                  



Visiting all the sites above will surely  earn you "bitcoins" the fastest  i will be updating  the sites that will surely increase the bitcoins . I will also include other strategy. 

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