Monday, February 5, 2018

The drop of bitcoin value going to $5000?

Since the start of bitcoin in 2012 it starts from scratch and gradually goes up and goes down , then goes up again and then goes down,  its really a roller cosaster but when will the bubble stops or will it be dead. 

From my own point of view , i believe with Andreas Antonopolous explanation that bitcoin will have these roller coaster character until it reaches its peak. It will  always be attacked from within everywhere especially it will be attacked by those whose interest are not satisfied by merely being involved with these tech but wants to earn from it , dominate it or owned it.

The possibility of bitcoin going down to the value of $5000 is not a remote possibility.  But will it be obselete and die down ?  Let's see what Andreas Antonopolous had to say about bitcoins bubble...

For Andreas Antonopolus bitcoin is just starting and will be attacked everywhere inside and out but it will survive and  make changes to the financilal system which are obselete just like the "Internet" when it started it was also attacked until it was use by everybody. 

The first part of the video was a discussion regarding pricing or value of bitcoin, which had been increasing and decreasing until today.  And for Andreas , there will still be bubbles for about three years more .  In 2018 there is an outlook of how it will be this 2018 in terms of bitcoin. 

 For me just keep on getting and using your bitcoin or crytos. If you want just register on the different sites that gives bitcoin "2018 for cryptos".