Saturday, February 10, 2018

Planned collapsed of the economy had begun

Remember last week there was a stock exchange crash even with the bitcoins and cryptos it fell down.  We have to know what is happening and interview with the "Dollar Vigilante"  Jeff Berwick  had given me an understanding with what is happening according to his studies and analysis ' .
Jeff Verwick is a libertarian , a freedom fighter whose enemies are the banks and he's also a broadcaster.

The important points Jeff Berwick had said on these interview with Richie Allen on his show 

1.   About the volatility issue and the crashing of the stock exchange; Jeff said that it smells shit , he explained this that whatever they are saying, it means the opposite, the Federal Reserve or the central banks.

Since 2008 and now its 2018 they saying that interest rates is near zero.  But in actuality its negative when you take into account inflation. The actual money supply printing of the federal reserve is still around 8% per year so the actual person is losing 7% per year in terms of purchasing power.  Though it takes a while to filter into the economy.  Thats the whole ruse with the whole inflation game.

The Federal Reserve had been doing this for about a decade since the Federal Reserve was founded in 2013 the Great Depression in 1929 was completely orchestrated by the central bank they boosted the money supply massively in 1920s  all by design got everyone thinking oh this is a new boom era we should all be investing in stocks all the stocks are going up the reason the stocks are going up is because were buying them the Federal Reserve and their cronies and they were printing so much money so that money went into the  stock market and on purpose and this is all documented now back in 1929 they rescinded the money supply caused the Great Depression and bought up thing at pennies  on the dollar and thats what theyre going to do again .

It was also interesting to me that we had a 6666 point drop very interesting number on the 33 day of the year which was on Fridady which 33 is a very Masonic number
Its the most important number Free Masonry and of course the US where US was founded all by freemasons. There in Washington DC is laid out with Freemason architecture , you look at the back of the one dollar bill in the US its got a pyramid with an all seeing eye on it

I said that when i saw that it was down 666 points on Friday on the 33rd day of the year to me that was very clear signal that they are going to start putting things into action this year. We had been waiting for this next crash its been long overdue weve had a massive rise in the stock market all due to this money printing and well see in the next few days well of course yesterday we had over a thousand point drop on the DOW which isnt evennot much anymore because the DOW is now 25,000 but in the old days a thousand point drop was unheard of and it was the largest point drop in history well see what happens the markets a little up today which is totally normal but well see if they re going to crash the economy again like they did in 2008 like they did in  2001 like they did in 1929

2. On interest rates  -  they should not be in charge of deciding the interest rate of the entire market this is the whole scam of central banking this is called the manipulation of interest rates and interest rates is the price of money that's how you tell that the price of money is but they skew it by controlling and manipulating everything and also counterfeiting money which they call just money printing so these things that no one should be actually doing manipulation and counterfeiting they do that' s all they do thats their whole job . 

What they do in all these cycles and these cycles usually seem to happen in about seven years cycyles Ive talked about the shemitah in the past they will lower the interest rates then they'll get everyone into debt they will really promote and market all kinds of debt instruments and mortgages and of course mortgage is French direct translation is "death contract" they will get everyone into a death contracts get them in at zero percent and then theyll raise the rates and then most people but a lot of people wont be able to pay it and they ''ll end up having to give their homes back to the bank and this is what they do over and over again and the question is are they going to continue to raise interest rates if they do it wll absolutely destroy the economy as we know it today because this economy has been built on ten years of free money zero percent interest rates if interest rates were to even rise to five percent nearly everything would be bancrupt including the US government which now has over 20 trillion dollars in debt way higher that where it was even drobe bomber the Nobel Prize winner when he came into office in 2008 there was about 8 trillion dollars in debts we've had over a double in the last 10 years this is Banana Republic type levels but if you look at the total debt its over 20 trillion dollars now they have Donald Trump in the small governments man or actually had increase the US governments deficits he talks on TV and a lot of people still watch TV unfornately television programming and its called programming for a reason he talk about lowering the interest rate sorry lower your tax rate and help you first of all they havent really lowered any tax rates if they do is just a small amount but they continue to go into massive deficits so all theyre doing is taking away from the taxes of what theyre extorting and theyre actually just valuing their money which is a hidden tax through inflation so nothings changed , 
I f you look at the 20 trillion dollars lets just do the math to make it easy, lets say the interest rate go to 10 percent and is not a historic number where historic means we've seen central banks even the US central bank numerous times at 10 percent interest rates so if you do the math on that 20 trilion dollars at 10 percent the US government would have to pay 2 trillion dollars per year in interest rates and that is almost the entire budget of the US government where all the money that base they spend actually on things like wars the Dept of Offense the pentagram and things like one that would be handled by the budget any more it all just go to pay interest on the debt so this is the endgame that i;ve been talking about for number of years. I said in 2010 when i started the dollar vigilante that by the end of the decade all this stuff will fall and will be a complete collapse situation will see banks collapse will see economies just go to basically almost zero for a period of time well see currencies collapse and very interesting Richie I dont know if you know about the front cover of the Rothschild owned Economist magazine in 1986 30 years ago they said that in 2018 get ready for a new world currency and we could be seeing this going into play this year where they collapse everything all the currencies collapse including US dollar and then they come out with theirSaviour currency which will likely be something like the Special Drawing Rights the SDR which will be likely be crypto currency interestingly enough and then they will try to get everyone using that and theyll have every transaction on earth being tracked and taxed so thats the end game of this. Thats your cashless Authority right there is the recent depreciation in the value of Bitcoin

3.  It make sense that the depreciation value of Bitcoin related to their plans to collapse of currencies and introduce their own crypto currency everything of course on todays day and age is related and definitely the crypto currencies and bitcoin have been a huge recipient of all this money 
essentially where a lot of the free money thats gone been printed in the last few years all has been going into crypto currencies. Market cap of all cyrpto currencies one year ago today was under 20 billion dollars its currently about 360 billion a month ago it was about 800 billion so weve seen this massive rise as I pointed out a lot of money that been out they re just like we say in the dotcom bubble in the 1990s a lot of money went into tech stocks in 2008 a lof money went into real estate and death contracts they they pulled the plug this time a lot of money has gone into cryoto currencies so yes its related but this isnt all part of their plans in fact a lot of these crypto currencies including bitcoin are the only chance to stop them from doing what theyre doing because it actually gives the power of money back to the people and if people start using cryto currencies across the world then that will massively lower the ability of the central banks to do anything and when you take away the power from a lot of these governments they wont be able to do most of the things they do because a lot of that is paid for by the inflation and the manipulation of interest rates of central banks so  were in an interesting situation here where we have the crypto currencies coming down massively in the last month at the same time as the stock market starting to crack and now were hearing them raising interest rates now to me was very interesting that in the last couple of months you saw the mainstream media actually get quite on board with bitcoin. Were talking about how high could go a hundred thousand dollars a million dollars what their that what they do is that part of the they manipulate markets is through their media informercials disguised as new its a wonderful ruse 
I could see thats what they were doing I did mention in the last few months I told with rising well over 10,000 when it as at near 20k I said to take some profits this is a massive  spike that is gone parabolic were going to see definitely a pullback from here now weve seen that bitcoins now currently around $7000 so they brought in their marketing type right around the time they actually put bitcoin features live on the CMO 11 so they can actually trade through their wall street funds bitcoin  so rate at the same time as that features happended I think what happened is they loaded up on futures went long Bitcoin promoted it through all their media and what open likely is they once it hit around 20,000 they decided to start selling the futures and then all of the media came out Bitcoin might be a scam this is a scam you better get out you better be careful its very typical what theyre doing so theyre definitely involved in this market now and this is the first time weve seen that so you know a lot of last few months is because theyve begund to get involved in this market.

Thats it it was clearly explained with the interview that collapse of the economy is beginning and the crypto currencies would be a saving grace for the Elite and also for the massess. But we have to be careful not to fall into the trapped of the Elite since they are already involved with the crypto currencies . They could build their own crypto currencies , they have the money but there are more people like you who knows now the truth of what Jeff Berwick is relating .. Other parts of the interview is on the video , i just tried to get some important points for us Bitcoin Holders, adopters to guide us.

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