Thursday, January 18, 2018

My sponsor on bitconnect still have a positive note

 My sponsor is Ankur Agarwal in bitconnect and his opinion is worthy. He  often have facebook live to communicate with his members.  This is what i like with  a  sponsor although i am not known to him since he has a lot of  followers  numbering thousands .  I just register with his link  and he is open .  He also had a lot of experience in the online business.

So let's watch what he had to say about what is happening now with bitcoinnect. 

What was clarified on the video of Ankur Agarwal ; 

1. He and his friends  in US, Canada and other places who have big amount of bitcoins will not sell bitconnect  coins.

2. For Ankur Agarwal bitconnect had not scam the members which is easy in a day they can be gone but  still they are online and will continue with their bitconnect coin which is bitconnectX

3. It is only the lending program of bitconnect that was stop not the whole bitconnect site. 

4. For Ankur Agarwal bitconnect has a million members and this is one basis that the price of bitconnect   had risen and could be achieved again later

5. It is not a good idea to sell bitconnect coin in the sense that the value of bitcoins are going lower 

6. He is planning to layout his investment options to members or his followers in the coming days, it  will be   a multi income opportunities within the crypto  business

I hope this helps members of  Ankurs followers .