Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ankur Agarwal plans after bitconnect lending

I am only a few weeks from the lending program of bitconnect and i was optimistic of the lending program which was giving a daily profit of about 1%  but i am aware that there might be some problems  with the program later . I was thinking of  bitcoin that it will really be attacked of course by those who will be affected  especially the banks and the government. 

I  am viewing and studying the lectures of Andreas who is  expert in the bitcoin phenomena as an educator , pioneer in the bitcoin , an online security expert and had been traveling around the world lecturing about bitcoin.  It was from him that i learned of threat to bitcoin.  So it really came to bitconnect, at first i thought there was only  maintennance for the site, then i have known that there were notice of desist and ceased order, until they already admitted the problem. 

So there was the closure of program, for me i believe with Ankur that there was no need to sell the bcc coin.  His reason was right that since the lending program was closed it will be a losing step to sell the bcc coins , since the value will go down and other site that opens a copy cat of the lending program will eventually be affected.  Instead of selling the bcc coins why not wait for the value to rise up again.

Ankur is also right that bitconnect had already developed a community which is decisive or has the power to influenced the market volume and value of the bitcoins. I am with Ankur in not selling my bcc. 

My goal was to increase the number of bitcoins that i have thru other means which was also the idea of Ankur a multi approached to bitcoin enterprising.  I am also aware of the attack to bitcoin and possible losses. Before the bitconnect registration i already have line up of bitcoin and altcoin sources.  These links have contributed to my bitcoins/altcoins through patience, daily log in and having some referrals gradually im increasing my altcoins it is on these BLOG .  VISIT and Register with the links.  

Ankur had identified his plans since a lot of his followers are very eager to know it so here is his plan ; 

 1) Consulting a Affiliate Driven ICO Launch Platform which will be world's first platform to help ICO's get stage 2 and stage 3 in funding and help investors who missed on stage one funding to get in at stage 2 and 3...

I am excited about this becuase you build teams here once and you will get paid for life as with every new ICO being rolled out inside the platform you will make money when your
teams buy in these ICO's or decide to promote
The platform is already ready and first ICO they are going to push in stage 2 is already finalized. This ICO in stage one funding raised over $20 million in funding alone
and has got 5 star reviews in every possible crypto news channel...
so yes we are talking about 5 star ICO's
This is a real long term life long play and that's why I am stoked about it....This will have a 30 day prelaunch starting next week so you will be able to build your teams for free and then after 30 days first ICO will be rolled out and then every 30 days a new ICO
 Exciting times ahead with this one - stay tuned
2) Consulting a dating niche ICO which aims to disrupt Tinder - Its a multi billion
$$ market and there is only one decent Coin in Coinmarket cap in
dating niche and we have a all star team here in terms
of founders and advisors...
That alone can easy 100x your money in 2018 plus affiliate commissions...
 Stay tuned
3) Also Consulting a adult niche ICO with 4 super star founders and all star team
who have a combined social media presence of over 4 million + followers

In my opinion when it comes to marketing , this will be the biggest ever ICO
which internet has scene and over a million plus subscribers ready when ICO rolls out is easy peasy here

ICO's in adult niche like Spankchain , xplay and now VICE are already going well
and this one will easily overtake all 3 and hit a billion to $10 billion in turnover in first 90 days once the coin starts trading

There is a 10 % affiliate angle and 15 % angle for influencers /top leaders
and hence lot of money to be made .As promised , when one door closes another opens and here I got 3 new doors opening for all of you

I am for now not touching any short term ROI based programs and will only talk about something once I really feel its that strong behind which I can get .For now i am not convinced with pagrex coin , davor and many other bitconnect copycats....

They just don't seem right as their is no real sense of loyalty as every day there is a new lending ICO.....and hence building a community in lending ICO is a challenge which i don't think can be easily soolved for now In case i change my mind i will let you guys know
for now these 3 projects are my biggest focus...

Project one will start in next 7 days and both ICO's will startin first or 2nd week of February
So get ready , buckle up and lets have a massive 2018


Goodbit  to all  of  us  !!!