Sunday, December 17, 2017

Transaction problems still exist even with Bitcoin rising

I together with  the dollar vigilante is also confused about whats happening with bitcoin . I know that the value in dollars of bitcoin have now reached the $20,000 mark for 1 bitcoin and everybody are happy especially those who have adopted bitcoin. The rush to get on bitcoin had resulted now on clogged transactions , much higher fees and slow transaction which should not be the case but this is reality. 

 Bitcoin Hits $20,000 Per Coin, Capping Year of Enormous Growth

The said super bitcoin on being FORK  is still "f" ck , so its not the solution for the bitcoin problems.  So its not clear what is happening and what will be the new set up  for this coming 2018. 

Let's watch the dollar vigilante interviewing the CEO of bitcoin cash  Amaury Sechet

The difference between the bitcoin cash from the original bitcoin, the segwit , bitcoin gold and the lighting network .

As i was watching it seems  that the bitcoin core is leaning to the controlled kind of system which is deviating to the original values of the bitcoin. 

We will see what will happen , of course for me i like the values of the bitcoin cash which was the real bitcoin before. 

 Let's watch the lightning network ;

Will the developers of the original bitcoin for the globalist ? 

So we will watch the development from here !!

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