Saturday, December 16, 2017

Net Neutrality being attacked again

In the US the FCC had approve the net neutrality which means that the internet will have changes on how it works there will be corporations who can control a part or major part of the internet. How it will affect our daily use of the internet , the bitcoin and blockchain is waiting its outcome. 

But nevertheless it still have to be approve in congress and there's also a lot of  public sectors who are agains the end of net neutrality. 

Let's hear the side of  Andreas Antonopolous about net neutrality ; 

Andreas Antonopolous sees that the internet is monopolise by the big corporations . Blockchains will not be affected by the end of net neutrality.  The move gives us the idea of funding with crypto currency the internet .  The satellite program for the bitcoin and blockchain is an example that will not be affected by the end of net neutrality. (  The statements came from Andreas) 

What is net neutrality ? 

Ok so the road for the internet would favor those who can afford .  It had been this way a long time ago,  there is always a sector usually the big ones who had the way to control things , that is why there is the bitcoin which favors those who is the majority and can do something to change this system. Andreas is right the bitcoin adopters can do something for this killing. 

If you agree that net neutrality should be a fighting cause just visit this site,  read , watch the video and  register your vote for net neutrality

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