Wednesday, October 4, 2017

ICO's ( Initial Coin Offerings ) is it a Shit?

For me i do agree with Andreas Antonopolous , the Bitcoin Boy about ICO's . It  is a program just for initiators to earn money.  That is why Andreas call it a shit?  It  will not return back investments contributed to an ICO's . For me its only one form of ponzi. 

With the popularity of the bitcoin a lot of schemes are online to lure a lot of interested parties, investors and enterpreneurs to be involve with bitcoin. 

ICO's was a scheme to get those people in the involvement with "Alt coins"

Imagine without a capital , you can raise a lot of money or bitcoins with ICO's because the offers are high , daily profits and a big return for investment but who would determine that your sure of your investment. 

I remember other schemes like doubling your bitcoin in a few hours or days. I tried one of this site , i sent a few bitcoins then waited but no bitcoins were re- sent to me. Tried to message the site but no one answers.  Rather then be involve with this schemes or ICO's , i would be involve with bitcoin mining, faucets and sure site investments. 

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