Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bit the heat with btcheat

Bitcoin had proven again that it is continously increasing in value with the recent dollar value of $ 5800, so there are still a lot of time and space for those who are just starting or still looking for the source of their bitcoins , here's one link try this its easy to earn FREE bitcoins ads

The results of the spin is fast and much greater than my other sites for ads . With the image you can see that i already had 0.00204526 satoshis in only a day and a few minutes playing.

You could still play , because in every hours your given 10 points equivalent to play again 3 times and win satoshis.

You can also refer 5 persons and get equivalent number of plays . Its the first time i had encountered this system. 
Try it now and add this to your btc collection . The heat is here

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