Monday, October 28, 2013

My first bitcoin mining site

I consider my first bitcoin mining site when i still dont know that coingeneration is being considered also a mining site.  Its probably good to have many mining sites.


I already had an idea about bitcoin , that its about a new currency on the net but i did not made a serious effort to understand it more.  Its just now that i am trying to get in deeper and  know it more. I happened to study it when coingeneration was having problems with its paying the members.  Its when i stumble on and  saw that coingeneration was its competitor and its being describe also as a bitcoin mining site.  That's when i registered with and took further steps  to know more about bitcoin which i will deal later on other articles. also has a download software,  here its called as mining software.  Its not a problem downloading the software and since i got it its operating together with the thread manager software of  

  Upon registration with you will have a $5 bonus just for signing.  But the downside of is its a slow process of earnings.  I had only cashout $0.1  with this site probably for less than a month.  With the image above its getting nearer to another $0.1 that can be cashout. is a bitcoin mining site and an exchange site for other coins and dollars. 

The first time that i had seen that there are other coins that you can exchange and trade what i know and  am  interested is converting the bitcoins to dollars. 

But i do think that it will really took sometime to earn more bitcoins and dollars as well because it takes time.  The only way is to have more  referrals and trade the bitcoin or buy there USB software to earn more per month. 

USBEobot USB device. Produces $2.20 a month. $18 each with free shipping to USA and extra $10 to ship International!
We are now selling a USB device, just like a USB flash memory drive, that will give you money a month when plugged in and used with the Eobot software. You can buy as many as you want and use multiple on the same computer. 

This device has custom chips (ASIC) that are designed just for Eobot. Same as ASICMiner Block Eruptor. This means it hardly uses any power, produces no heat, and will work with any Windows computer. 

We process all payments through When you click on the link below, you will be taken to their website to enter your payment information. After your purchase, you will be redirected back to our website. 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is a mining site that can be trusted i already had cashout with this site and only further effort is needed to make more earnings  whether bitcoins , other coins and dollars. Join in now here ;

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