Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eobot a bitcoin mining site

A very simple  logo of, one of mining site for bitcoin.

To register and earn with you should have a knowledge of bitcoin  and is considering as one of your site to transact business regarding bitcoin,  or other similar bitcoins like Litecoin,  PPcoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, Novacoin, Terracoin, Primecoin( its only on that i encounter different kind of coins) and also dollar to bitcoin and vice versa. 

1st Register

2nd Download the miner/software 

In transacting with bitcoin of course you need to have a bitcoin. You can have bitcoin by buying bitcoin using your dollars (1bit= 179.1 USD) as of this writing. The other method is thru mining system or engage in some internet programs that pays bitcoin there are already a lot of programs using bitcoin.  Since you are a member of then you can download the miner/ software of this site and also if you want to earn more buy a USB Software miner. 

Download the miner/ software FREE on this link ; 

If you want to buy a USB miner/software go to the store;

Questions about the site, softwares and how much for the USB software use FAQ 

How the miner/ software works 

1. Create an account for free. We only need your email.
2. Download and run the software.
3. Get paid! Depending on your computer, the amount you will earn varies. Running the software will tell you in real-time how much you are earning.

Our software uses your CPU or GPU (graphics card) processing power and performs intense mathematical operations for crypto-currency mining. At no time is your computer unsafe, opened up to third parties, releasing your data, doing anything you wouldn't want, or used for anything illegal. For those interested in learning more, try a Google search on Bitcoin mining.

You should note that you will be paying for power/electricity and your computer may produce extra heat (although this won't damage anything, assuming your computer isn't clogged with dust). Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Approximate Rates When Using Software
High End Gaming Machine ~ $50 a month
Low End Gaming Machine ~ $25 a month
High End Server/Laptop (no graphics card) ~ $5 a month
Low End Server/Laptop (no graphics card) ~ $1 a month

Example of Software Running YouTube Video

If your ready to earn bitcoin and dollars without the need to market, click on any ads or market or have a site then register and start making 


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