Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why a semi millionaire wants Trident?

Augur Ankarwal is an mlm marketing expert , he earned a lot of money and referrals  thru this mlm but with bitcoin he earned  more and fast .  Here is one his email regarding Trident Crypto fund ; 

Just crossed $2.4 million ++ in sales with Trident business which started  only 30 days ago....

Just the start - next stop will be $5 million in sales in next 30 days

This is the easiest business to crush online in 2018 and you need to focus  on this if you have not already been doing so

Perfect timing , great products , superb compensation plan and professional  corporate

We got all the ingredients to be the next billion company

Let's make it happen


P.S.  Here's your link to start if you have not done so 

As you can see he already had an investment of about $100k on his right side and 150k on his left side. He had a sale of almost 2 million ++ in only 30 days.  Do you still think he matters if this is a scam? 

I am following Ankur but he has more money but it make sense and his experienced with the online business is just like gambling to him. 

I believe that his strategy in making money is timed with the advent of the new technology in the sense that bitcoin or cryptos is very volatile it rise up then go down to settle and the moment it settle thats the time you purchase and invest big.  And the Trident is also a tool for investment as capital and at the same time an investment for speculative cryptos. 

And me as one of the thousands under his downline this is the team that he is making as part of the whole ; 

 If you have'nt earned online start with the cryptos and try Trident ;

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