Thursday, May 24, 2018

Social media is now paying with bitcoin or cryptos

With Facebook and other social media platforms  earning from selling datas (where members does not know) it is just right that social media now pay its members in being on  their sites or platform.  This idea was not done even when this giant social media like Facebook,  Google and Twitter continues to sell datas and earn millions.  

But with the people being aware now that  participation with social media should not be free but be paid then sharing of blessings must be the new trend with the advent of new technology. 

The bitcoin and the blockchain technology is the right answer and would be the new norm. The new bitcoin and blockchain tech is decentralized which means that there is no need for a particular platform to monopolize a transaction. This will be the opposite of what FB is doing. Is it not a monopoly and earning at the expense of the people who are on its platform? 

The income from a certain type of business should be shared and not the monopolist whom the only one earning or has the biggest share. This is whats happening? The idea that people helping a company grows should have a part of what a company is earning and this is not a bad idea or what should be.  Do you like big business to design what we should have,  it should be us  who should be deciding for ourselves. Let us move to a new realm that is the new technology of bitcoins, cryptos and the blockchain. 

Let us watch "steemit and bitchute" new platforms of social media being developed and would ease out monopolist in the near future; 

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