Tuesday, April 17, 2018

tridentcryptofund is burning

Ankur Agarwal is my sponsor in some sites that had investments.  My experienced with him was not that successful in the sense that the sites that i had registered with him as sponsor some had not progressed but the latest are still to be proven.

But before i present the latest investment site which is burning,  i would like to inform the readers that the direction of my posting articles was to orient newbees regarding bitcoin but i cant help that developments are so fast so i had to cope up.

The latest investment sites with Ankur ;


NewTycoon Plus Introduction (EN) from NewTycoon Plus on Vimeo.

I had registered with this mining site  and had invested  the minimum but had to wait before the investment earns . Watch the video for details

This site is the one BURNING  and it had not started yet but joined NOW because its binary and i already have  26267 indirect referrals with Ankur putting people on my left side but i do have my own direct referrals on the left and the right.


Another  earning approach to bitcoin / other crypto currencies  If you have not earned yet with cryptos now its your big chance. 



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