Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Will bitcoin grow in value ?

I missed a lot of article to post on my blog about bitcoin but bitcoin as a currency and investment as a new money is going thru rise and fall,  will bitcoin grow in value this year and the next?  Well as of 2016 it is still rising  !!

My activities with regards to bitcoin was on raising the number of bitcoins on my wallet.  Though there are other ways of making money online that i was attracted nevertheless , bitcoin is the new and unique thing that i had encountered online.

Updating my list of sites that provides bitcoin for  "FREE" ;

 In order to get "free bitcoins"  register  with the link above either with your email or FB , then of course before this you have get your bitcoin wallet and its address like1AAVSh9XaZiPFGo5iBfQQN6S3LgVJPELSi    this is a bitcoin wallet address from blockchain where it came from.  After the registration then your ready  to kill aliens on bitcoin alien. 

Currently other soldiers are are killing aliens every 5 minutes (claim every 5 minutes) for 361 satoshi per kill, which is 4,338 satoshi per hour on AVERAGE! (higher than any other bitcoin faucet in the world!)

Register here :

So bitcoin alien is also available in your mobile gadgets see the image above , in my experienced it convenient and faster to earn bitcoins on mobile gadgets like cellphone or tablet. 

Earning more with bitcoin alien it has 10 more bitcoin faucets to give you more bitcoins here are the list register and start  


The above bitcoin faucets are most popular within Bitcoin Alien but if you want more sites that are on bitcoin visit


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